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Wait for the First Trailer of FIFA 18 on 31st , May Presented on the Celebration of Chelsea

Recently, we have been exposed to a lot of gossips, pictures and even videos of FIFA 18. However, when we turn to the official site of EA Sports we find nothing of FIFA 18. Sometimes the process is interesting when we come closer to the truth. However, the overemphasis on the result is harmful for us to enjoy ourselves when we are immersed in a hot discussion of FIFA 18. Two days ago there were three lines that were widely spread among net citizens. What’s that? And what’s the information behind this?

Three Lines— An Exact Date 
The three lines or actually three phrases showed us an exact date for we to have a better understanding of FIFA 18 because it enables us to watch the trailer of FIFA 18 on 31st , May. Just 5 days left! We will know whether FIFA 18 is as wonderful as we imagined. In the past month, we have a lot of information about almost every respect of FIFA 18. Now we will be able to know what exactly FIFA 18 is like. 
FIFA 18-three lines

The Celebration of Chelsea— EA Prefers to the Premier League
The information behind the three lines indicated that EA Sports prefers to the Premier League. EA Sports has almost gained the empowerment of all leagues competing in the Premier League or the permission of some football superstars of those leagues. So the decision made by the publishers of EA to present the trailer on the celebration of Chelsea also proved their preference again. Some players even make complaint about this. They think the name of FIFA suggests that it is a game for all leagues and all footballers. So EA Sports should also transfer their attention to other leagues.
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