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Tips about playing dipped free kick well in FIFA 17

Football games does not need drastic changes in technology, it shorten the development process of FIFA Series greatly. EA Sports has produced FIFA 17 soon after FIFA 15 and FIFA 16. But there are a lot new features added into FIFA 17. A new engine frost and a new story model “Journey” are added in FIFA 17. Compared with FIFA Series, FIFA 17 has a great development in each aspects. FIFA 17 is officially on sale on September 27, landing platform for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. And you can play FIFA 17 now.
Set pieces are something that everyone wants to get right, right? We mean what is better than bending a ball over the wall and burying it top corner? Whatever players you have, even the best top 10 players in FIFA 17, you should learn how to score goals in the game. FIFA 17 has set piece rewrite. In FIFA 17 you’ll be in complete control of every dead ball situation.“The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity, variety and control in the most decisive moments of any match. “Now you have the freedom to position your player and dictate their approach on dead balls, allowing for a wider variety when taking free kicks and penalties.”
On other aspects, further strengthen in the physical confrontation, the new close protection action allows players to effectively block the invasion of the opposite, holding the ball. The player AI improved, especially during the offensive, computers players would take the chance to attack the ball when the player instantly adjust their movement routes, or re-post moves. Then with the improved set piece, here are some tips help you perform better in FIFA 17.
First up is the dipped free kick, which will see your player send his shot looping over the wall and back down again into the net. We have used Antoine Griezmann as our example set piece taker. We haven't altered where he stands, which will help see the ball bend right in the air naturally as soon as he hits it. If you want the shot to go straight, line him up directly behind the ball. When you're ready, use between one and two bars of power, depending on how far out you are and hold the left analogue stick forward on both PS4 and Xbox. If done correctly you should beat the wall and keep the ball under the bar, away from the reach of the keeper.
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