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Take a look at these bargain goalscorers in FIFA 17: Bradford Jamieson IV

FIFA game has always been a football game which pays attention to micro-operation, and any manipulation will affect the competition process directly. FIFA 17 is released now. Compare to its previous version, FIFA 17 has made the gameplay more perfect. Players in FIFA 17 can experience a new way to attack and position the ball with the ball-handling skills. Game shot into the penalty mechanism will be used. In FIFA 17, the penalty corner and processing becomes more delicate. The new positioning ball system make you can use the cursor to select the foul ball placement, and you can still use the long pass key to obtained the impact point by controlling the intensity.  
The FIFA 17 customization options will also be new. On other aspects, further strengthen in the physical confrontation, the new close protection action allows players to effectively block the invasion of the opposite, holding the ball. Active Intelligence System was added to make the team's performance is more active than before, improving the gaming experience radically. The player AI improved, especially during the offensive, computers players would take the chance to attack the ball when the player instantly adjust their movement routes, or re-post moves.
But it’s not the most important, we care more about the career mode. If you are interest in doing business, you will be exciting that FIFA 17 has a new financial system. You’ll receive constant updates on match-day revenue and the income generated from transfers, loans, merchandise sales and more. If you're looking to become a master wheeler-dealer of the transfer market, you’ve come to the right place. We're kicking off with strikers, because everyone loves a good striker. So let’s take a look at these bargain goalscorers.
Bradford Jamieson IV

The name alone is worth his £1.1 million price tag, but on top of that, Bradford Jamieson IV has one thing in spades that most other players at this level just can't deal with – pace. 86 acceleration and 85 sprint speed might not sound like top end speed, but he's far and away the quickest player at his price range, and if you've taken the helm of a small club in Career Mode, we'd say Jamieson IV is a must-buy for you. Sure, his shooting isn't fantastic, but he'll improve over time, and his pace will create myriad opportunities for you over the course of a season.
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