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Make sure Diego Costa in your FIFA 17 team and score easy goals

There are a glitch existed in previous FIFA 17 version. YouTube star Kosh has revealed how to find the back of the net – and wind your opponent up – by following some simple instructions when taking a corner. It shows a bizarre corner glitch that guarantees you always score. Well "99.9% of the time" (according to the guy who has uncovered this wizadry) - which are still pretty good odds, right? Players are told to play it short before whipping in a cross from the byline. 
For reasons unknown, this seems to flummox the goalkeeper, who is unable to pull off a save as you head the ball home. However, a patch came along and made that much harder. But some fans have managed to find another way to score easy goals… there’s just one catch. Ideally, you’ll need to have Diego Costa in your team. 
All you need to do is whip the ball in from a corner to the near post, where Costa will be lurking. Then, press shoot and he’ll overhead kick the ball into the net. There are reports of this working with other, taller strikers – so to give yourself the best chance, make sure they’re on the near post. In past FIFA games, the longer the button was held, the further the ball went. It’s changes to allow the use of the left stick for aiming to the exact point in the box you’d like that ball to land by an added reticule for precision. 
They’ve also made it so the button press changes the ball’s form while being kicked as well. And in past FIFA games, it just wasn’t possible to have free movement along the touch line. With the new FIFA you’ll be able to walk down the touch line which will give you the ability to gain a better position on the throw. There will also be fake throws, as well. This will allow you to fake out the opposing team and possibly allow you to pass the ball to an unmarked player.
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