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Look out for three types of new card in Squad Building Challenges of FIFA 17

In this year’s FIFA 17, it has added two new game modes in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, including FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Champions and Squad Building Challenges. What’s more, there are 10 new UT legends card are released.  When you first choose squad building challenges, there is a teaching video and you can complete challenges follow the video. Then there are 3 levels for your choice: Basic, Advanced, or League specific challenges. Complete challenges and earn unique in-game rewards in all-new Squad Building Challenges (SBC).
And some special challenges are contained in one group, when you complete it, you will get more abundant rewards. There are three types of new card you need to be aware of this year. Over to Reeder again: “We’ve got that new item for Squad Building challenges – kind of purple-pink. We’ve got some prestige items in FUT Champions, so if you do well in that mode you have the chance to get a prestige version of a player, that shows anyone else that you had success in FUT Champions.”
“But the big one is the Ones To Watch campaign, which starts on September 30. That’s a squad of the top summer transfers. The cards for these are black with highlight stripes of bronze, silver and gold. They’re wild cards in a way. If you get one of these items, every time that player is in Team Of The Week for the rest of the season, he’ll automatically be updated [with a stats increase]. But you might get a player who, based on your football knowledge, you don’t think has a chance at TOTW, so decide to put him on the transfer market. There’s a big risk-reward element.”
With a good lineup, you can submit lineup, in exchange for awards. Attention is, in exchange for! With the lineup, select the players must be careful, because once you submit the lineup, the entire lineup of player cards will be recycled by EA in exchange for reward. In other words, you will no longer have players in the squad. Completing a number of lineup challenges unlocks additional bonuses. You can complete the challenge on the mobile phone APP.
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