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Lazio striker Ciro Immobile fell in love with FIFA 17 and ignore his supermodel wife

FIFA 17 just released half a month ago. Have you been addicted in it? FIFA series are classic and innovation game which published by EA. And FIFA 17 is published by EA and developed by EA Canada. FIFA 16 has added the women football team which got great success. And FIFA 17 brings us surprises. It has added so many new features and brought nearly a new FIFA series. It’s the first time to use frostbite engine in FIFA. And except the previous game mode, FIFA 17 has added a new story mode “Journey” which you play a rising football star named Alex Hunter.
There are also some huge changes in the previous game mode. There are myriad game modes, and if you win, lose, or draw, there’s always another match just waiting for you after the last one ends. You must be addicted in it. It’s really easy to get caught up for hours, ignoring everyday duties, friends and loved ones. Italy and Lazio striker Ciro Immobile clearly isn’t immune, and it looks like his wife is suffering from the same frustration many significant others around the world are.
He has given up on all earthly delights - including his supermodel wife. A frustrated Jessica Melena has posted a video on social media of her football husband giving all of his spare time to the game. That’s Immobile, knee-deep in a clearly very important match of FIFA. So important, he either can’t hear his wife Jessica Melena or is simply too engrossed in the game to even acknowledge her existence. “Love,” she calls to him even as he plays the game behind her. “Guess what he’s doing? He doesn’t even hear me … LOVE!”
This isn’t the first time Melena has been forced to share her husband’s attention with the stunning beauty compiling evidence on her Instagram account of Immobile ignoring her for his digital love. This game’s made multi-millionaire superstar Immobile look just like every other FIFA-crazed joystick jockey out there in his or her own little virtual world. Melena’s story will not be lost on others around the world who have been shunned by their game-playing partners after the latest edition of the EA Sports game was released last month.
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