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Free PC exclusive cheats for easier wins in FIFA 17

FIFA game is a classic and innovation football video game which developed by EA. And recently FIFA 17 is released and lading platform for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. We know FIFA series and PES series are always rival and want to defeat others all the time. This is beneficial for football video fans. That stimulates the two series do better. This yerar’s FIFA 17 has many new features compared to its previous version. The new story mode increase the interestingness of FIFA 17. And the use of frostbite engine improved the quality of game greatly. 
What’s more, how to score goals in the matches is the most important as a football game. EA has added a lot of new football teams in FIFA 17. That means you have more choices to build a powerful team. But sometimes you have not so many FIFA coins to buy the high ranking player. It does not matter. You can choose the lower price player and care much about his attributes so that you can buy right players. On the other hand, the operation is also very important to score goals. Tips and tricks for "FIFA 17" is highly justifiable. You need to learn more about it. 
Here's where LetsFut's cheat comes into place. While it is also a PC exclusive cheating app, its is free and anybody can download it. For those that will get the cheat app now, once the download has finished and the cheat app was launched, it may prompt to update to the game's latest version, which was just rolled out on October 14. Users can simply click "Yes" to do so. The trainer has four cheats, which can be very useful. The first one is Home win by a random score. 
This cheat will let the players win with a random score value. The second cheat is the other way around. The third cheat is to finish the match or force disconnect and finally, the last key is for turning all of the cheats actives off and resetting the score. These cheats are triggered by F1, F2, F3, F4 respectively and can also be remapped by clicking "Set Keys" depending on the user's preference.
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