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Flog your players all on the transfer market for better price in FIFA 17

As a football game, what we chase for is the interesting game mode and the real feeling as in a real football match. FIFA 17 did. FIFA game has always been a football game which pays attention to micro-operation, and any manipulation will affect the competition process directly. A football game must ensure the continuity of the player’s action, the new engine has greatly increased the game experience. The new frostbite engine make the game physics magnificent. When we compare the FIFA 17 to previous version, we can found there are great developments with it.
You even can see the sweats on the players’ countenance. May it drives people buy FIFA 17. And that makes players into the game.  Then you know if you want to play the game well, you should have a powerful team. And when the game become better, you want to play it more. How to become the winner? It’s easy. Just have enough FIFA 17 coins and buy the most higher rating player such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. But in fact, if you do not use real money in the game, you will have no enough coins to buy good players.
Do no to mention you want to buy a really powerful team. But here we will teach you to get FIFA 17 coins easily. You should learn to trade your players and win the coins. Player transactions including the transfer (purchase, sale), lease (only do not rent or rent to buy). Trading players are also divided into two ways to buy, one way is that coach contact with the player by personally after the search, or let scouts negotiate with the players. You have probably got loads of players in that squad you’ve collected but never use, right?
A simple way of making cash is to flog them all on the transfer market, some of them might even shock you at their price. If they don’t go for a lot, better yet, why not just discard them all for 300 or 600 coins depending on their card quality? The silver and bronze ones go for a lot less, but they might sell well on the market, do your homework. Premium league trading is the next method to trade players in FIFA 17 Ultimate team. To trade, first, it requires you to open Transfer Market and select Gold.  Them, set Buy Now price and buy all players and sell the players that show up in the search results. Keep little profit and repeat the buy-sell process. The final one, the Silver Items trading also follows the same process as above.
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