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FIFA 18 Get New Career Mode Additions

EA Sports can't be blamed for focusing on Ultimate Team because it is a money-making machine for FIFA developers and one of the most popular games of the year. FIFA 18 promises to change the variety of career patterns. It remains to be seen how many of these activities will be, but at least EA is trying to provide different content.


The New Signings Will Be Unveiled To The Media
This is where FIFA has been lagging behind PES for years. Konami cut these little celebrations into a fine artwork, so it was annoying to see EA ignoring the more soccer world. All this will change in FIFA 18. See FIFA 18 will be the individual players shirt sales reflected in the menu somewhere, but also what to do? This is the fantasy now, but 18 will announce the signature of the star to the press. All of these small cutting scenes to a large extent so that gamers immersed in the game. This is a pretty new addition that shows how EA handles the importance of PR and soccer marketing in the game.
Sell On Fees And Other Expenses
As an extension of the interactive exchange negotiations, you will now be more than ever with the player agents to trade. In the FIFA 17, the only time I heard from the agent, the players feel unhappy. Now, building relationships with these money packages is critical to getting the best deals.
EA is adding a quality effect to the dialog box, these options can be in different directions for dialogue. Oh, there is a chance to discuss selling point terms, player bonuses and things like that. This is a good touch because it means that your club will immediately make money if you have been working hard to train the young star name to move on.
In other words, training will become even more important. This is not all because of the details of the transfer of other real life, such as the terms of the release is at FIFA 18. The first sign of the player, if you try to negotiate the release costs, you can get a better payroll. This makes it easier for players to use smaller clubs to sign larger names.
Interactive Transfer Negotiations
So far, the most important change in the career model is that EA's feature set is called "Interactive Transfer Negotiations". This is not just a gorgeous name, because it completely changed how you will be in the FIFA 18 players in the contract. If you want to persuade Nemanja Mati? to trade Chelsea for Manchester United, then you 'i have to do it myself
Whether it is mandatory for each player to buy is not clear. Perhaps the game will allow managers to delegate an assistant signature or less name negotiations to the assistant, which means you will only focus on the face-to-face meetings of the stars. Who knows, but now it seems that ITN will be part of FIFA's day-to-day business.
Player Meeting
The FIFA 18 career model now offers the ability to meet with individual players and discuss their career. This is an improvement over the old "player emotion" features that have been clumsy since the first day. At the age of 17, it was so frustrating to occasionally hear your millions of pounds of strikers feel uneasy, despite breaking their own skin and scoring goals.
Before the player's behavior is like spoiled children, there is no reason, the player almost can not control how to do. Face-to-face meetings are more logical, and it should add a sense of character, once such a feature is eliminated, unhappy players out of the game until they reconsider.
Being able to recognize an individual and talk about things is a step forward.
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