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FIFA 17 Update 2.0 fixed player faces and more

FIFA 17 is an upcoming association football video game in the FIFA series which are classic and innovation. Compare to previous FIFA version, FIFA 17 has more great changes. The new features in FIFA 17 include new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system and set piece rewrite. And it’s the first time to use frostbite engine in FIFA game. Although it’s nor mature, it’s a great improvement. Previous FIFA 17 patch 1.02 has increased AI players attack directly. And after some days, FIFA 17 has released FIFA 17 patch 2.0. FIFA 17 has updated the popular football video game and fixed the pre-games and other presentation issues. This is the second update the game has since it has been released, and many fans believe that this is just the start of much more before the year ends.
For all Pro Club members in "FIFA 17," the flair trait is now available with the patch notes 2. It can also carry over Virtual Pro from "FIFA 16" and unlocks all passive traits. The issue where players receive excessive skill points has also been resolved. For the overall visual or presentation changes, there have been general overlay adjustments in "FIFA 17." The patch notes 2 also addressed the issue where the selected kit is not the one being played. The authenticity of the audience reacting to a goal has been improved as it uses real Spanish crowds. Lastly, the black custom kits do not interfere with the referee kits anymore.
Player faces have also been updated in the patch notes 2 of "FIFA 17." Now, player faces are more accurate with the actual player. EA Sports can readily add more player models, and fans are just waiting for the developer to do just that. "PES 2017" has already added more than 30 new players a few weeks ago. FIFA 17 patch notes 2 include rendering, frame-rate and even audio issues. The frame rates prior to the skill game have been improved.

This is important as gamers play the 2-on-1 drills against the AI. Aside from the various presentation movements, The Journey in "FIFA 17" has also an audio and character speech for French, German, Italian, Mexican Spanish and Spanish. There is also a general stability in the Ultimate Team and other game modes. FIFA 17 is playable via PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Have you already updated your game?
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